Now With Twice as Much Lemon!

Now With Twice as Much Lemon!

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Many thanks to harrysaxonpm again for the graphic.
"A Fit Companion" by altilis (In which there is more Mjolnir love)
"After All That I Have Done to You" by blue_jack (In which there is begging)
"All This Mess" by aeon_entwined (In which it is based off a tumblr post)
"Better Than Ice Cream" by astolat (In which the absurd becomes dirty)
"Bloodflow" series by tyrotheterrible (In which Loki arrives on Midgard of the past)
"But a sword" by copacetic (In which there is no peace)
"Golden Mouth" by tyrotheterrible (In which Loki is not the only silvertongue)
"I have a heart I swear I do" by MetaAllu (In which fighting isn’t all they do)
"Imprint" by fio (In which Loki is possessive)
"out, damned spot" by tyrotheterrible (In which Loki abhors the feel of blood)
"Permission" and "With Urgency" by blacktofade (In which Thor is greedy)
"Pressure" by illwynd (In which Mjolnir gets involved)
"Shatter" by Aria (In which Loki is cast out, not Thor)
"Shroud" by dmnutv_archer (In which it’s the end)
"Sleeping Beauty" by illwynd (In which Thor pretends to be asleep and Loki knows he’s faking, warning: dubcon)
"Suddenly" and "Dreaming about Providence" by wartransmission (In which Loki gets what he wants, but it’s not enough, or rather, it doesn’t go as expected)
"The Begonia Incident" by illwynd (In which Thor is compromised and can only turn to his brother for relief)
"the days were bright red" by paxlux (In which there are apples)
"Turn" by kiyala (In which Thor catches Loki out)
"Warmth" by copacetic (In which Loki seeks heat)
"With a Hammer" by averzierlia (For my friends who liked my Sherlock rec list, I give you a Thor/Sherlock crossover! (Yes, it exists. No, I didn’t know either))

Many thanks to harrysaxonpm again for the graphic.

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